Order Upload

Upload an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file to quickly add item(s) to your cart.

Upload a File
  1. Create a spreadsheet with the following layout:
    o First column - Item #’s or customer part #’s.
    o Second column - Quantities. Default quantity will be 1 if column is empty.
    o Third column - Unit of measure (optional). Default unit of measure will be used if column is empty.
    o Maximum number of rows supported is 500.

  2. Column headings can be present in the first row (optional).

  3. Save the file in XLS, XLSX or CSV format.

  4. Select the file to upload and click Upload Order. Be sure to check the "First Row Contains Headers" checkbox if you choose to leave the column headings present in the template.